Why Aspa Plastic?

Starting in 2008, ASPA PLASTİK AMBALAJ KİMYA A.Ş. has taken its place in the
plastics industry thanks to its decisive steps and conscious breakthroughs since its establishment.

ASPA PLASTİK AMBALAJ KİMYA A.Ş. has become a pioneer in its sector with its production and sales policy targeting customer satisfaction. Our company, which serves its customers with its high production capacity and modern facility, aims to carry the same growth quality understanding and services to the following years. With investments, it has made it a goal to reflect current technology in its production. With fast and high-quality production, it meets the increasing demands of our customers as quickly as possible.

The basic principle of ASPA PLASTİK AMBALAJ KİMYA A.Ş. is a quality production. We aim to work with zero error and quickly make the best and highest quality products. Our
quality products make ASPA PLASTİK essential in its sectortoday.

Quality Products

Favorable Price

Professional Staff

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Plastic Raw Materials
Plastic Bags

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    Aspa Plastik Participates in World Fairs Special for its 15th Anniversary in 2023.

    ASPA Packaging Continues to get Strengthen.

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